Eightball Tasmania have been busy in the background working with Tasmania Sport and Recreation (Tasmanian Government) on what will be required for -

1. The State Body to resume at some stage.
2. Member Associations of Eightball Tasmania for competition play.

We have been advised that the main body and our member association will all need a COVID-19 Safety Plan and the plan to be approved to return to a competition basis in the future.
We hope to have a model Safety COVID-19 Plan distributed in the next week to our members to adopt / not adopt / tweak as they require, it will be up to each Association on what they may decide to do with the plan, but will give our members some guidance.
Reminder to member associations we would assume you will also need to work closely with your venues on rules when and if you return to a competition basis - Thank you Tony for your help in putting this together so far.

Plan to Sport Update