Early this evening our major sponsors were told of the postponement of our 2020 State Calendar of Events and issue the following statement to our players -

Effectively Immediately

Eightball Tasmania are postponing ALL State Events on our Calendar for 2020 until further notice, this includes the State Open Singles set down for April 4th and 5th.

We believe this is in the best interests of our playing members, families, venues we play at and the general public’s health and is in light of how things have changed in the last few days since we had announced that it was ‘Business as Usual’

While our senior body the Australian Eightball Federation have not made an official announcement on the issue, we are now forced to and believe that this is in our best interest for all stake holders and we hope you all understand.

We will keep you updated as things may change and if we can run any events, but for now it is a No.

Eightball Tasmania - Wishes to also recommend to our member Associations to consider suspending all matches in your weekly rosters and any upcoming rosters, combined games.

Regards Phil Dando

President EightBall Tasmania