2012 State 8Ball Calcutta - Saturday September 22nd

This event will be held at the Launceston Workers Club on Saturday September 22nd starting at 9.30am for the calcutta, with play to start between 10 - 10.30am

The format for the event will either be a double elimination or players will be seeded into groups and the top 2 or 4 players from each group will go through to a knockout stage (similar to the State Singles held earlier in the year)

All prize money from the event will be returned as prize money, with entry fee being $30 for all current and former Open State Team Players, all other players the entry fee will be $20

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 State Open Doubles 2012 - Saturday 15th September - 9.45am - LWC

Congratulations to Dallas Nichols and Justin Van Diepen on winning the 2012 Open Doubles Title, defeating Andrew Clark and Michael Sheehan in the final played at the Launceston Workers Club

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All Entry money from this event is returned as prize money, with 50% being held in trust for the winner to represent Tasmania at the Australian Championships (If the winner decides not to travel, then th 50% is returned to Eightball Tasmania and divided amongst all that years State Team)

 The 2012 State Open Singles Title will be held on Saturday August 4th at the LWC starting at 9.30am

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State Masters Team Qualifying 2012

David Bates better known for his Billiards and Snooker has won this years State Masters Title defeating Mick Furley in the final

The top 5 players from the 17 player round robin will now have the chance to represent Tasmania at the Australian Championships in October, these players are David Bates, Mick Furley, Rodeny Martin, Chris Snare, Tony Adams

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State Women's Team Qualifying 2012

The 2012 State Womens Team has been finalised at the HWC on Saturday Juy 28th

The team sees some new faces mixed in with our reqular experienced players in Fiona Plummer and Denise Millington both making the team to compete in the 2012 Australian Championships to be held on the Gold Coast in October, the final team is really a good mixture of experience and youth and hopeflly will be the buiding blocks for the womens team for future years

Fiona also won the State Womens Title defeating Denise in the Final

The final team, Fiona Plummer, Denise Millington, Dencil McGifford, Nel Nichols, Mel Appleby, Renea Duncombe, Jasmine, Hajduk

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Draw for B Grade Teams Event

Five Teams have entered the State B Grade Association Teams Event to be played the LWC on June 9th and 10th; the start time will be 10.00am on the Saturday morning, with teams to be present by 9.45am (Playing room will not be open until 9.30am)

Up uintil Thursday night if any Association can come up with another team to put in this event we wil accepct the entry so we can avoid the Bye in the draw (This will go to the Association who enters first via the 8Ball Tasmania web site - http://eightballtasmania.com.au/index.php?option=com_rsform&Itemid=44 )

The Draw for the Event can be found on the following link - 


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Scotch Doubles Tournament

This event is set down for Saturday May 12th starting at 9.30am

The event is designed to be a fun day with all players being placed in a hat and partners drawn for the event

Part of the Entry money of $15 per player will be returned in prize money and also used as money to support the players from Tasmania who wil be travelling to Englnad In late June

The rules of World-Eight-Ball Pol Federation will apply for the event

Simple explanation of Scotch Doubles

Team 1 v Team 2

Player A breaks for team A pots a ball on the break, player B for team A will then have the next shot, if Player B player pots a ball then player A will then have the next shot, this continues back and forth until that team misses, once this occurs the opposing team will have their turn at the table under the same format

All Matches will be Best of 3 or 5 and the Break will alternate between Team 1 and 2 and the following rule will apply

Player rotation must be maintained throughout each game and into the break of the next game. The Non-Breaking Team may start each new frame with either player. Failure to stay in rotation will result in Ball in Hand Foul

The dress code for this event is relaxed in the sense that jeans, polo top and shoes are acceptable (Track suit trousers, t-shirts, moccasins etc are not acceptable)

Burnie Association Team Win  State Title

The Burnie Coombers Team consisting of captain Rodney Kaine, Cale Barrett and Stephen Kaine (Both Current Australian Under 18 Ball Team Members), Tim Wright, Gerad Wicks and Mick Robson have defeated the favourites for the event and defnding champions the Rugby Club (SETEBA Team) 13 - 10

The highly fancied Rugby's team consiting of Justin Van Diepen, Jeremy McGuire, Chris Forsyth, Jonny Lennard, Geoff Youd (All former State 8Ball Players), Kirk Muir, Luke Webb, Darren Hay, Tony Cannan started of the first set being 2 - 4 down, they then used all the experience of their State players to draw the second and third sets 3 - 3 all to go in to the last set still 2 frames down, the last set saw the Ruby Club get of to the worse start possiable losing the first 2 frames with the captain of the Coombers team, Rodey Kaine leading from the front by beating current State 8Ball team member Chris Forsyth, to the Rugby Club's credit they fought on to win the next 2 frames before young North-West player Stephen Kaine brought home the win and the State title defeating young and up coming player Luke Webb

Full Results from the Teams Event can be found on this link

State Open Team Qualifyers 2012

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Final 24 Results

Tasmania will be well represented at this years Nationals with a good mixture of youth and experience in the team, the top 9 payers have now earned the right to represent Tasmania at the Australian Championships in October on the Gold Coast, these players are Marcus Jackson, Cale Barrett, Justin Van Dipen, Ben McCauley, Calan Bissett, Anthony Adams, Andrew Triffitt, Chris Forsyth, Dallas Nichols. Bruce Lockley who finished in 10th position will have to wait until after the State Singles Title to be played at the LWC on Saturday August 4th to see if he will travel with the team, if the singles winner on August 4th comes from outside the top 9 players then Bruce will be relegated to 1st emergency

Final 24 Qualifying - State Open Team 24

The top 19 players from the quaifyers will be joined by Australian representatives in Marcus Jackson, Chris Forsyth, Anthony Adams, Cale Barrett and Stephen Kaine to compete for this years State Open Team

The draw for the weekends play can be viewed on the link below, play starts at 9am on the Saturday to around 9pm on the Saturday night and then on the Sunday from 9am to 5pm

Week 3 - July 7th

Rounds 13 - 16 were completed on Saturday July 7th at the LWC with Hobart player Justin Van Dipen maintaining his top position on the ladder, Chris Snare and Dallas Nichols share second position on the ladder, with long time player Andrew Triffitt holding down 4th position.

The top 19 qualifyers from the 3 weekends of play will now be joined by Marcus Jackson, Chris Snare, Anthony Adams, Cale Barrett and Stephen Kaine to compete for *nine positions of ten to make up the 2012 Open State Team that will represent Tasmania at the Australian Championships on the Gold Coast in October

*Position number 10 in the Team will be finalised when the State Open Singles Title is played at the LWC on Saturday August 4th (If the person who wins the State Singles Title has already qualified for the team, then the player who qualified in position number 10 from the Final 24 will take thir place in the team, if the winner of the Singles is not already qualified they will tak position number 10)

Week 2 - June 23rd and 24th 2012

Rounds 8 - 13 were completed over the wekend of June 23 and 24 at the LWC with Hobart player Justin Van Dipen maintaing his top position on the ladder, followed by Andrew Saltmarsh who swapped positons with Chris Snare, other movers over the weekends saw Dallas Nichols move into 4th position and big moves from former State player Marcus Watt coming into the top 19 and State masters players Bruce Lockley and Tony Adams making their stake for an open team qualifying weekend

The finals rounds 14 - 16 will be played at the LWC on Saturday July 7th starting at 9.30am, with the top 19 qualifyers then being joined by the 5 Tamanain reps currently at the World Championships to then try out for the 2012 State Open Team, which will be played at the LWC on July 14th and 15th starting at 9am on both days

Week 1 - May 26th and 27th 2012

7 Rounds of 16 Rounds were played at the Launceston Workers Club on May 26th and 27th with the ever-green Justin Van Diepen leading the way, followed by last years State Team Masters Captain Chris Snare and Number 1 Qualifyer for the 2008 Tasmanian Open Team Andrew Saltmarsh rounding out the top 3

Rounds 8 - 13 will be played at the Launceston Workers Club on June 23rd and 24, with the Saturday play starting at 10.00am and players should be present by 9.30am (The Final 3 rounds will be played on Saturday July 7th, starting at 9.30am and players to be present by 9.00am) - The final days play on July 7th should be finished by 6pm (not counting play-offs) when we will know the final field to compete in the Last 24 to be played on July 14th and 15th for the 2012 State Open 8Ball Team

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The 2012 State Teams Event has been finalised with 6 teams to compete at the Hobart Workers Club on Saturday 17th March and Sunday 18th March 2012

The event is set to start at 10.00am on the Saturday morning, playing through Saturday with the round robin of matches over 24 frames (4 sets of 6)

On the Sunday the last round robin match will be played, with 2nd v 3rd in the preliminary final at approximately 11.30am, followed by the final at 2.00pm

Full Draw and Teams can be found on this link


The 2012 8Ball Tasmania Calender has been finalised at the AGM held on Sunday February 5th 2012

Please find attached below the Calender for 8Ball Tasmania for 2012 and a copy of the Tasmanian Billiards & Snooker Calender

Note: Eightball Tasmanian and the Tasmanian Snooker body have been working together for many years is setting a State Calender that enable players to play in both disciplines if they wish