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The State Government on Friday 28th August gave Eightball Tasmania the green light for the resumption of 8Ball to the State body and in turn the member associations under Eightball Tasmania.

We have contacted all our member associations and advised of them we can play and emailed then the approvals for play and they are also attached to this article as the latest approved documents for play.

Each member association will have different dates when they may resume play / rosters and that is up to them to decide, in relation to State events we are hoping to have the follow events still and looking at an October start for these and the dates will be realised at a later date.

Open, Women, Masters Singles, Open Doubles, State 'B' Grade Association event, Scotch Doubles.


Download this file (COVID-19 Eightball Tasmania.pdf)COVID-19 Eightball Tasmania.pdf[Table and Player Maintenance ]364 kB
Download this file (Eightball Tasmania - Return to Sport (V3 - 28th August 2020).pdf)Eightball Tasmania - Return to Sport (V3 - 28th August 2020).pdf[Return to Sport Documentation]314 kB