Eightball Tasmania Open Singles 21

Round Robin Format
4 Groups of Players
Best of 3 Frames
Top 4 from each group progress to Final 16
Final 16 Knockout Played Sunday 5th July 10.00am for 10.15am Start
If tied for positions (points, frames and %) in Round Robin to see who goes through, the result of the match played in the Round Robin will be the deciding factor.
Dress Standard
Saturday 3rd July
Dress Trousers, Dress Shoes, Polo Top

Sunday 4th July (Streaming)
As decided by the Associations at the AGM only Tasmania State Shirts / Tasmania Hotel / Club Playing Polos or Generic Plain Polos to be Worn.
No Polo Shirts from other States / Territories.
If the dress standard is not correct you will be asked to change tops or will be required to forfeit - If in doubt, please ask before we get to that stage
There is No Streaming of Matches on the Saturday
Official or Privately.

Last 16 will be Live Streamed by Cue Sports Tas on the Sunday
Knocout Final 16
Straight Knockout
Best 7
Best 9
Best 9
Best 11
Prize Money Break-Up
40% to Winner
20% to Runner Up
10% Each to Third and Forth
10% to Eightball Tasmania
10% to Cue Sports Tas (Streaming)
Matches and Results
RD 1
RD 2
RD 3
RD 4
RD 5
RD 6
RD 7
Group A Fixtures Matches Table
Group B Fixtures Matches Table
Group C Fixtures Matches Table
Group D Fixtures Matches Table

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