2021 State Scotch Doubles

State Scotch Doubles
Launceston Workers Club
Saturday 16/01 - 9.45am - Neat Casual Dress

2 Groups
Best of 3 Group Stage
Top 4 from each group advance to Final 8 Knockout. (Live Streamed)
Knockout - Best 5, 7, 7
Knockout may change depending on time and will be announced before Knockout
Who beats who in the round robin will be first deciding factor in ladder positions.
General Rules
Teams will nominate a player to lag for break; once the lag is won any team member may then break.

The team player that breaks and gets a ball off the break the next team player must then take the shot and alternate from there on.

If the team that breaks does not get a ball in on the break either player from the opposition team may shoot first and then alternate.

Once a frame is completed the above re-sets and then continues. (Expect for the lag part)

All other rules of 8Ball apply.
Matches and Results
Rd 1
Rd 2
Rd 3
Rd 4
Rd 5
Rd 6
Rd 7
Rd 8
Rd 9

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