The 2019 State Open Singles Championship is now open - Enter Here 

Event: 2019 State Open Singles Championships - The winner will form part of the 219 State Open Team to compete in the Australian Eight-Ball Championships in Albury from October 17th - 25th. Entries will close on Monday August 5th (online entry will be removed), this will enable plenty of time to confirm formats and any changes that may be required and also inform our venue sponsor the LWC of proposed running times for the event.

When: Sat August 10th and Sun August 11th (If required)

Time: 10.00am Start at LWC

Dress: Yes - Dress Code Applies

Cost: $35 per player

Winner: 50% held in trust to represent

Winner on day: 20% on the day

R/Up: 10% on the day

Eightball Tas: 10%

Live Streaming Eightball Tas: 10%

State Singles Entries 2019

Mitch Thurston
Cameron Hilfenhaus
Cameron Hilfenhaus
Cameron Hilfenhaus
Andrew Hilfenhaus
Lochie OReilly
Colin Langman
Matt Anderson
Troy Rawlings
Blake Rawlings
Nigel Barker
Cale Barrett
Joshua Johnstone
Michael Hennessy
Troy Rudling
Rob Jackway
Alex Pace
Shayden brown
Jolse Maginnis
Andrew Riley
Rick Lee
Bradley Grant
Tony Quach
Darren waters
Steve Moorhouse
Brett Ellis
mick hodgetts
Mitch Jones
Adam Youd
Justin Youd
Tim Bryan
Glenn Selby
Andrew Saltmarsh
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