2020 State Open Singles

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Players entering State Events abide by all Rules / Policies of Eightball Tasmania. To view Policies / Rules - Eightball Tasmania Web Site - Association / Policies. State Singles Champion Winner: The winner will become an automatic member of that year's State Open Team and 50% of Entry Money is held in trust for the winner to represent Tasmania in the State Open Team at the Australian National Titles, if the winner decides not to take their position in the team the 50% held will be forfeited to 8Ball Tasmania. 50% - Held in Trust for the Winner 15% - Winner on the Day 15% - Runner up on the Day 10% - Eightball Tasmania 10% - Live Streaming of the Singles - Semi's and Final ENTRY MONEY: To Confirm your Entry and to receive Entry at the advertised Entry Rate for the Event you are Entering - You must have deposited your Entry Money (cleared) into the Eightball Tasmania Bank Account 4 (Four) Days Prior to the Event you have Entered. (Easiest way is to Pay when you Enter the Event)

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Open Singles Entries

Dale Kennedy
Tony Quach
Alex Brooks
Andrew Saltmarsh
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